Most frequent questions and answers

A freepvrty is a virtual event that allows music and video producers to connect with an online audience that can interact socially.

A freepvrty event is hosted in a virtual environment. We provide the stream address and key for the host to broadcast their audio/visual content into the multiplayer world and audience members connect via our downloadable client.

Hosts – independant music producers, labels, VJ’s, video artists and creative collaborators.

Audience – people looking for interactive music experiences, who want to connect with content, creators and other community members.

Subscribe to the pvrtyline at the bottom of the site and you will be sent instructions and access to our beta client. We will also inform you every time a new freepvrty is announced and when it goes live.

We will be creating an application process for people to host their own freepvrties soon. In the meantime, please subscribe to our pvrtyline.

We welcome feedback about all aspects of our platform. Please fill out the form on our feedback page.